A new Ptolemy Lane Tale!

This time, it’s a novel. 🙂

Yes, I caught all those hints and sighs in the reviews, and in your emails to me.  😁

There have been three Ptolemy Lane Tales to date, all of them novelette length.

Tale #4 is a novel.

Serials can’t feel emotions as humans do.

Or so Ptolemy Jovan Lane has always insisted.  Yet when he learns that an old friend, Marija, might still be alive, he leaves an unsolved murder behind him in order to dash across the fringes to find her, bringing his human assistant, Ninety-Nine, with him.

His intention is purely to learn the truth, but his impetuous mission goes swiftly and spectacularly awry, leaving Ninety-Nine and him cut off and at the mercy of an enemy Jovan didn’t know he had.


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