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Short Time Only:

Most of these are BookFunnel promos that include free giveaways among eye-popping deals.  I try to keep this page up to date, but you’re likely to get more timely information from my emails.

tip:  Check the dates at the front of the Promo title — anything dated for the future you won’t be able to access just yet.

DECEMBER (but still current!)

Dec15-Jan15 Year’s End Science Fiction & Fantasy Giveaway

Dec26-Jan19 Complete Series Binge Bundles Under 10$ (starts Dec 26th)

Dec27-Jan31 Sci-fi and Fantasy Bargains

Dec27-Jan31 Sci-fi and Fantasy Giveaway


Jan01-Jan31 Sci-fi Blast

Jan01-jan31 Speculative Fiction Promo

Jan01-Jan31 Space. Robots. SciFi.

Jan01-Feb01 January Fantasy & Science Fiction Giveaway

Jan05-Jan21 New Year Zombie/Apocalypse/Dystopian

Jan10-Feb15 Midwinter Monsters & Mayhem Fantasy and Science Fiction Giveaway

Jan23-Feb23 Speculative Fiction

Jan27-Feb28 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Bargains

Jan27-Feb28 Sci-fi and Fantasy Giveaway

Come back in early February, when I will have February’s promos uploaded.