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Most of these are BookFunnel promos that include free giveaways among eye-popping deals.  I try to keep this page up to date, but you’re likely to get more timely information from my emails. Tip:  Check the dates at the front of the Promo title — anything dated for the future you won’t be able to access just yet.


Sep01-Sep18 Authors Selling Direct – September

Sep01-Sep30 Boxsets-a-million SALE

Sep01-Sep30 Here They Come: SciFi and Fantasy Sales

Sep01-Sep30 Kobo Plus September

Sep01-Sep30 Murder in the Future

Sep01-Sep30 Sci-fi eBook Sale 

Sep01-Sep30 Sci-fi Invasion 

Sep01-Sep30 Science Fiction & Fantasy / September

Sep06-Sep20 Sci-fi September Sale

Sep15-Oct15’s Sci-fi Freebies (September – October)

Sep15-Oct18 Science Fiction Sale

Sep15-Oct31 Wide World of Sci-fi and Fantasy Bookfair

Come back in early October, when I’ll have most of October’s promos listed.