About Cameron

Cameron Cooper is the author of the Imperial Hammer series, an Amazon best-selling space opera series, among others. 

Cameron tends to write space opera short stories and novels, including the Iron Hammer series, the spin off to the very successful Imperial Hammer series, but also roams across the science fiction landscape. 

The first book in The Indigo Reports series, New Star Rising, reached #1 in Space Opera on both Kobo and Amazon in September 2020.  In 2019, Cameron participated in Kevin J. Anderson’s military SF bundle, Targets Locked.  The short story “The Body in the Zero Gee Brothel: A Ptolemy Lane Tale” appeared in Boundary Shock Quarterly in October, 2020), and “The Captain Who Broke The Rules – A Ptolemy Lane Tale” appeared in Space Opera Digest 2021 in January of that year.  

Cameron was raised on a steady diet of Asimov, Heinlein, Herbert, McCaffrey, and others. Peter F. Hamilton, John Scalzi, Martha Wells and Cory Doctorow are contemporary heroes.  An Australian Canadian, Cam lives near the Canadian Rockies.