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FLYING BLIND (The Indigo Reports: Story 0.5)

Short Space Opera Story

Flying Blind Cover

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By the time you get to the end of the story you’re sitting on the edge.

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An exciting glimpse of what’s to come by this author in the SciFi genre.

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True SciFi is a magnificent world to enter and this is just the beginning of what I know will be a great series.

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Hits all the things that I love about Sci-fi.

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So much story!! So much promise!! This will keep my inner nerd happy.

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Keeping close tabs on this new Sci-fi series.

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This little window into the world of SciFi did not disappoint me, in fact, I think I’m addicted!!

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Caught between two great enemies.

The freeship Hathaway is boarded by the Eriuman navy while smuggling a Karassian, a mortal enemy of the Eriuman. Captain Tatiana Wang must ease her ship and crew to safety.

Flying Blind is the short prequel to the Indigo Reports science fiction series by award-winning SF author Cameron Cooper.

The Indigo Reports series:
0.5 Flying Blind
1.0 New Star Rising
1.5 But Now I See
2.0 Suns Eclipsed
3.0 Worlds Beyond

Space Opera Science Fiction Series

$2.99 USD $0.99 while the crisis continues!



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Flying Blind
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 16 reviews
by IngSav on Flying Blind
I loved it! Short and sweet but this is an exciting introduction to an amazing new world!

We are plunged into a tense event that happens somewhere in a galaxy far far away...with a smart and strong female commanding the ship who faces the threat from a mysterious stranger and his crew boarding her ship!

I'm intrigued to read more!!

I'm looking forward to New Star Rising which is the next book in the Indigo Reports...

by Catherine Valerie Cauvin on Flying Blind
What a start!

So much was conveyed in such a short time! Cameron made us care about this ship’s crew in just a few lines. This was also a great way to introduce Max. A great start and so much more to come!

by Jo-Ann on Flying Blind
Flying Blind

A great short story to start off a series. It has me very intrigued and ready to read the next books in line. I am looking forward to the rest. Great writing.

by Doug Williamson on Flying Blind
Powerful introduction to the series

This is a short prequel story to the author's ongoing SF space series. As such, no prior knowledge is needed.

I found this to be a wonderful story which grabbed my attention from the start and never let go. The story is very well written, with a well developed setting and excellent characters. The story, while short, packs in a lot of material and is an intense read, so be prepared to read it in one sitting. Then expect to want to grab the next book.

Highly recommended.


by sue on Flying Blind
Flying Blind

Great prequel to the series. It was very gripping for such a short work, and had me on pins and needles. Definitely worth reading!

by Hester on Flying Blind
High Tensions in Space

I enjoyed this short tale. The tension aboard the Hathaway, free family owned ship, can be cut with a knife, when they are unexpectedly boarded by the Eriuman Navy. The Eriunan are ruthless and merciless and Captain Tatiana and her crew fear for their lives.

They think they are still in free space, but are quickly informed of their ignorance. The fear is a live pulsing thing, as the ship is searched from top to bottom. The Hathaway is smuggling an enemy of Eriuman. What they did not know however, was that this passenger was carrying something the Eruiman wanted. Their ignorance can cost them everything!!

The plot twists and turns unexpectedly and the ending is completely unpredictable. I am pleased to report an unexpected happy ending for most involved. Well done Cameron on this interesting story!

by Barbsra Prichard on Flying Blind
Flying Blind

I enjoyed this story and recommend it. The characters were believable the actions were smart and kept reading. I look forward to reading the next one!

by Juneta Key on Flying Blind
Can't Wait To Read The Next Book

This is a short read that sets up this series. It has great world building, wonderful character development. It kept me flipping pages until the end and wanting more. I can't wait to read the next one.

by Terry on Flying Blind
Hard to see clearly when Flying Blind

This was a very good book, the characters were dynamic and likeable, and the story left you wanting more.

by Mark Sparg on Flying Blind

Excellent Story, well written, Gripping, Suspence, Compliments to Author on a well written story, waiting for next in Series

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