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  • Posts will stop for a while.
    For various reasons, including time crunches, I won’t be adding to the posts here on the site for a while. I will continue to send out emails to everyone on my email list, which has always been the way to receive any news about new releases, etc., soonest and most reliably. So if you happen… Read more: Posts will stop for a while.
  • Three Body Problem has problems. Or does it?
    I’ve had the English translation of Liu Cixin’s science fiction novel, The Three Body Problem, sitting in my TBR pile for a couple of years. It won the Hugo. I figured that made it a must-read. But I never cracked it open. Why? Because I kept hearing rumours: As much as I love Asimov, his… Read more: Three Body Problem has problems. Or does it?
  • Giving Worldbuilding a Human Touch
    In the last few days The Economist ran a story reporting that wind turbines keep getting bigger, which causes all sorts of interesting transport issues. Even if you’re not subscribed to The Economist, you should click through to the story using the link above, just to check out the image of the huge turbine blade… Read more: Giving Worldbuilding a Human Touch
  • Spock Reads Asimov
    Short and quick, today. One of Isaac Asimov’s classic and most well-known short stories is “The Last Question,” which can be found in multiple anthologies, including Robot Dreams and Nine Tomorrows, two collections of Asimov’s. If you like listening to audio, you can hear this story read by Leonard Nimoy. 🙂 I found a recording… Read more: Spock Reads Asimov
  • The Quiet Acts of Small Individuals
    The first really effective dystopian setting I saw in movies was Ridley Scott’s 1982 Bladerunner, which both made me a fan of anything Ridley Scott made (and I am still a diehard fan), and made me aware that there was no guarantee that humanity’s actual future would be rosy, the way the Star Trek franchise… Read more: The Quiet Acts of Small Individuals

I also write fantasy and romance.

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