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  • And sometimes AI is actually useful…
    Any talk about AI tends to be radically polarized. The lovers and the haters seem to have zero middle ground in common. I’m personally cautious about AI…for now. There are copyright issues yet to be sorted out, and most of the tools like ChatGPT (which I’ve tried) produce generic pablum that requires just as much… Read more: And sometimes AI is actually useful…
  • Self-Sustaining Life on Mars
    I’ve been subscribed to ARS Technica for years. They’ve always been light and superficial, and just a bit clickbaity. Lately, I’ve drifted away because the ads were so numerous, I often couldn’t read the post at all. It’s because of sites like theirs that I finally installed an ad blocker. I know, I know…ad blockers… Read more: Self-Sustaining Life on Mars
  • The Force and the Apple That Created It
    Many readers like reading science fiction because of the mind-warping sense of scale that future-set stories can create.  You can put a SF book down and feel very humble about the world, and also quite hopeful for the future. But here’s a real life, contemporary times scale-warping experience:  Consider the original apple tree that Newton… Read more: The Force and the Apple That Created It
  • More Hammer It Is.
    A couple of weeks ago (in real time), I invited you to complete a two-question survey about a potential new Hammer series, to follow up on the Imperial Hammer and The Iron Hammer. There were 64 responses, thank you. And the results were absolutely conclusive. “Do you want to read another “Hammer” series?” Guess that… Read more: More Hammer It Is.
  • Imagining the Next Future
    This collection of essays and posts is a couple of years old, but I still found it fascinating to dig into.  There’s a lot of stuff collected on this page.  If you like imaging the future for yourself, or listening to people who do, then you’ll enjoy this collection.  A couple of highlights include the… Read more: Imagining the Next Future

I also write fantasy and romance.

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