The Most Painful Experience Of My Life

There are a great many authors out there who like to tell the public that it takes them years write a book, which involves painful rewrites, dozens of them.

I have never done that, not even on my first book. For a first book, I seem to remember (it was a long time ago!) that it did take me quite a while to write it. Back in those days, I was writing without plotting first. I swiftly learned not to do that!

I have always been a linear writer, plotting out and moving ahead from the first scene to last. I’ve never seen the point of jumping about, writing the things I want to write first. Then I just have to slog through the scenes that don’t appeal to me. And there’s a good chance that I’ll miss connective tissues and references that would make the whole story makes sense.

I’ve also always been a little anal geeky, so writing it from start to finish just makes sense to me.

Therefore, I started fast, and have got much faster since then. Under a different pen name, I have written over one hundred novel. I write full time, and now that we’re coming up on the end of this year, I can safely announce that I have written and published fifteen novels this year. That does not include The Indigo Reports series, which was written in 2017 and 2018, except for the very last novel.

I will be adding to the sci-fi list next year, too. Later this year, or early next year, I will be giving you a sneak peek at the new series I have developed.

Anyway, to get back to speed of writing. Writing Suns Eclipsed was one of the most painful experiences I’ve had writing in quite a while. Because I have read and loved science fiction for such a very long time, I was hugely intimidated by the task of writing a series in the genre. I thought I had a handle on it. After all, I had already written one novel and two short story that were out there for the world to see.

It snuck up on me through the back door, though. I found myself reluctant to sit at the desk each morning and actually get my word count done.

As a working writer, that can be a disaster!

I persevered, did a lot of journaling, and finally figured out that I was afraid the book would be crap.

Once I realized it was my internal demons that were tripping me up, I did manage to press on and finished the book, but it ended up being the book which has taken the longest for me to write in many years.

The interesting thing is that writing took place in 2018. I’ve got nearly a year under the bridge since then, and when I was rereading and editing the book for this release, I remembered the struggle I went through writing it. In the reading, none of that struggle appears. In fact, some of the best writing I’ve ever done is in this book.


It’s not an impossible mission. It’s an insane one.

Ten people. Eriumans, Karassians, Free-Staters. None of them armed with anything more lethal than a single repaired and unreliable one-handed ghostmaker and a handful of bladed weapons, all of them with mental instabilities from years of brain wipes and memory manipulations.  Worse, Bellona Cardenas is uncertain of their loyalties. Ten fragile people to infiltrate the most secure facility in the Republic.

So begins Suns Eclipsed, the second book in the Indigo Reports space opera science fiction series by award-winning SF author Cameron Cooper.

The Indigo Reports series:
0.5 Flying Blind
1.0 New Star Rising
1.1 But Now I See
2.0 Suns Eclipsed
3.0 Worlds Beyond

Space Opera Science Fiction Novel

Praise for Suns Eclipsed:

God I love these characters, a motley crew of fantastic beings.

I am loving this series! The characters are complex and interesting while the action has lots of unexpected twists and turns.

Not since I first read Anne McCaffrey’s Ship Series have I enjoyed a SF series more.

Cameron again proves Robert Heinlein’s words “Specialization is for insects”, as he delights us with his storytelling talent across multiple genres.

The action never really stops as the reader is pulled through the book at breakneck speed!

I am continually amazed at the imagination of this author.

By the time I finished the book all I kept thinking was Nooooooooooooooooo! I have to wait till the next book comes out to be able to continue reading the story.

A motley crew, an impossible mission and a wack-a-doodle, vengeful mother combine to give us another exciting story.

A kick-ass adventure set in space, with a scope as beautiful as the stars in the galaxies. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

This is meatier, brain engaging and seat-belt fastening.

Fast-paced adventure full of futuristic elements, all too human emotions and developments you will never see coming.

A wonderful follow up to the previous book in this series. The story just keeps getting better and better.​

​Reviews, excerpt, buy link for SUNS ECLIPSED


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