Hammering out a series

Here in my household, we’re all in that stressful period between the first COVID vaccine shot and the second that locks in the near-immunity of the vaccines.  A friend of mine’s son died from COVID-19 ten days after receiving their first shot, so we are super-wary of stepping out and mingling, at the moment.

That means I’m getting a lot of writing done and most of it is the Iron Hammer series. I wanted to really double-down and get this series out quickly.  A few readers weren’t thrilled about how long they had to wait for the last books in the Indigo Report series, so I’ve tried to make sure there isn’t a long lag between the first and last books in a series.

But this series, written at the rate of a book a month, has been a challenge.  I’ve never written a series back-to-back like this.  I’ve always had other books slide in between each book of a single series.

On the other hand, writing back-to-back means I don’t need time to re-acquaint myself with all the minutiae of the series each time I start a new book.  I’m deeply immersed in the story world and I think that makes a difference.

Anyway, Ruled Out was released this morning and is now available everywhere.  If you pre-ordered, you should have your copy by now.

Danny and her people face a galaxy-spanning dilemma.

Danny Andela, known as the Iron Hammer, and her allies are forced by the warlike Slavers to find a way to lead the Carina worlds to war.  Both war and universal leadership are abhorred by the scarred and abused Carina people, yet Danny needs a central authority upon which to build the military force they need to defeat the enemy.

Danny realizes that she must find a way to protect the Carinad worlds on her own, but the work is not easy, for everyone thinks she is crazy and power-mad, including those people she considered friends and family…

 Ruled Out is the fifth book in the Iron Hammer space opera science fiction series by award-winning SF author Cameron Cooper. The Iron Hammer series is a spin off from the acclaimed Imperial Hammer series, and features many of the characters and situations from that series.

The Iron Hammer series:
1.0: Galactic Thunder
2.0: Stellar Storm
3.0: Planetary Parlay
4.0: Waxing War
5.0: Ruled Out
6.0: Stranger Stars
7.0: Federal Force
8.0: Redline Rebels

Space Opera Science Fiction Novel


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