Didn’t find any dragons beyond the map…

But I did get lost, to be sure. New experiences right!? Anyways, I have navigated beyond the map and resurfaced with a Patreon page, in response to a lot of requests for:

  1. Some way to subscribe and receive all my books as they’re released.
  2. Some way to chat with me that doesn’t involve email, or Facebook pages.
  3. Some way to get signed print editions of my books.
  4. Some way to know what books are coming up in the future.

The Patreon tiers provide all those benefits and more.

If you already buy my books on a retail site and you’re perfectly happy with that arrangement, but you like my stories so much you just want to give a little tip, there is that option, too.

Check out the new Patreon page here.  As I get more familiar with Patreon I will tweak and add to it.  Also, if you’re already subscribed to other authors’ Patreon pages and they offer benefits you think are really cool and would like me to offer, then let me know.