When I Said AI Art Wouldn’t Be On Book Covers Soon….

I am absolutely not a futurist, but when you’re immersed in science fiction every day, it’s sometimes hard to stop yourself from making predictions, anyway.

I’m currently rebuilding this site on a staging site behind the scenes, and a couple of days ago came across this post:  “I Think AI Covers Have A Way To Go…“, where I talked about the first AI generated cover I’d seen used for commercial release.  I disparaged AI art in that post, and as the title says, stated that I thought AI Art had a long way to go before it appeared on the covers of commercial novels.

The saddest part about that prediction was that it was only made in July 2022!

Just over a year ago!

That‘s how fast AI Art has developed.  That’s how fast AI-anything has developed.

How far will it progress in just another year?  I’m afraid to predict anything–my guess could be just as wildly wrong as it was last year.

What about you?  Care to guess where AI Art will be in a year’s time?  Tell me in comments.

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