The print edition for INDIGO is out, and a 99c short term deal.

Two quick notes for today:

Now Out in Print Edition

The print edition we had such issues with has now been fixed and uploaded.

And it is huge. Nearly 800 pages!

It is available at the following venues;


If you prefer to buy your print editions elsewhere, the titles will be slower to appear there, but should arrive in a few days.

This is the entire The Indigo Reports series in one volume (an omnibus), including the three main books, the short story and the novelette.​

New Star Rising dropped to 99c only until October 4th

If you prefer ebooks to print, and have not yet tried The Indigo Reports, then this may be good news for you.

The first book in the series, New Star Rising, has been dropped to 99c USD or equivalent until October 4th. It will be included in BookBub’s September 27th newsletter, among others, but you can take advantage of the deal right now.


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