New Release from T.S. Valmond – Space Opera Awesomeness!

A couple of years ago, long before anyone had ever heard of COVID19, I spent an afternoon doing one of my favourite things:  I sat in a Starbucks drinking good coffee and talking shop with another indie author.

I don’t get out of the house very much and didn’t, even before the pandemic, so spending time talking about publishing and writing is a genuine luxury and I tend to get very enthusiastic.  So did my friend, and I think our voices rose as a result.

That was when a woman stopped by our table and asked if we were indie authors, as she was, too.  The woman was T.S. Valmond, and I’ve been keeping track of her career since then.  At the beginning of this month, she released the third book in her latest space opera series and I encourage you to check the book and the series out, too.

The Starship Hope series

You can find the series page on here.  Tech limitations won’t let me provide a universal link to your local Amazon for this one, but before you hop over to check it out, I also suggest that you investigate the series on Valmond’s site, as there is a bonus there; a free series prequel with a very cool cover (see right).

Valmond bought out third book in the series a couple of weeks ago.

The virus won’t kill them but the honesty might.

Captain Dana Pinet and the crew of Starship Hope have tracked down the thieving pirates who stole their embryos. A chance at finding a new planet for their people to settle is finally within their grasp. But when an alien truth-agent infects everyone on board, their survival will fall into the hands of an android, an escaped criminal, and a girl with inexplicable abilities.

Everyone’s emotions are running as high as their temperatures when keeping a secret becomes impossible. The android may have an antidote, but with time quickly running out, the ship may be destroyed before he can distribute it.

If you like close encounters of the dangerous kind, then you’ll love Viral, the third book in the space opera adventure series Starship Hope.


Grab a copy of Viral here.  (And this is a universal link!)