More Hammer It Is.

A couple of weeks ago (in real time), I invited you to complete a two-question survey about a potential new Hammer series, to follow up on the Imperial Hammer and The Iron Hammer.

There were 64 responses, thank you. And the results were absolutely conclusive.

“Do you want to read another “Hammer” series?”

Guess that resolves the issues, doesn’t it?

In addition, I asked:

“Do you want Danny Andela and the rest of the cast from the previous two series to appear in a third series?”

Danny wins by a landslide. 🙂

In response to your comments

I left room for comments, and many of you did comments. You also asked a great many questions. I’ll answer the questions here, and comment on some of your observations.

“The action is so well done. I hope to see you continue that in the new series.”

I think any book with Danny Andela in it is destined to contain plenty of action. 🙂

“Don’t forget the 4-legged characters.  :-)”

As if I could!

“I think it would make a good original film.”

Now that would be something, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone in Hollywood. Do you?

“Hoping the series can make it into Kindle Unlimited (broader audience).”

This comment made me blink. The short answer is that no, the new series nor any of the previous series will ever be part of Kindle Unlimited. The program is terrible for authors, demanding exclusivity, paying them pennies compared to normal sales splits, subjecting them to severe policing and punishment for percieved transgressions, and much more.

And the readership for KU is not a broader audience at all. It is, in fact, a much smaller and limited audience.

While I, by publishing “wide”, can reach all countries everywhere, on multiple platforms.

If you like reading subscription services, and want to read my books that way, try the Kobo+ subscription service, which is comparable to KU, and doesn’t demand that authors be exclusive.

Or, if your book budget is crunched, all my books are available at your local library via Overdrive. Just ask your librarians. Having my books available in libraries would not be possible if I was in Kindle Unlimited, by the way.

“I have once bitten twice shy approach to Amazon & will not buy from them.”

This comment is somewhat opposite to the previous one. 🙂

Just to be clear: My books are not exclusive to Amazon. You can buy them (and will continue to be able to buy them for the foreseeable future) from:

Amazon (including print)

Apple Books (this link shows only a few previews — use the app to see everything)

Barnes & Noble (including print)

Google Play Books

Kobo Books (including Kobo+)


and, of course, Stories Rule Press, including print.

There are a great many other ebook outlets where you can find my books, too, but these are the main ones. And don’t forget your local library!

‘I love the Hammer. I really like that the protagonist is a mature woman; we are so under-represented in action, almost exclusively “grandmothers”/victims/”quirky old maids”.’

Right??? 🙂

“First free? – and short stories in the box set? (I know I’ll have to wait.)”

The short stories attached to each of the series so far are in the boxed sets.

Also, if you don’t like reading boxed sets (all the books in one big file), then you might prefer the series bundles you can get on Stories Rule Press, for the Imperial Hammer and The Iron Hammer — they have the shorts in them, too. (Or you could go for the whole enchilada and buy the Super-Bundle).

If I end up writing short stories associated with the third series, they, too, will be included in the series boxed set once it is issued.

As for the first book being free; it is unlikely I’ll offer the first book of any series free permanently. However, I do give away the first books in the previous series in BookFunnel promos, and other promotions from time to time, including the recent BookBub promotion that took Hammer and Crucible to #1 in three different categories.


There were a lot of “can’t wait!” and “yes please!” style comments, and others that sang the praises of the first two series. Thank you so much for those–positive feedback is always appreciated!

So, it appears as though another Hammer series is in order.

Thank you, everyone, for partipcating in the survey.

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