Time for 20% Off Everything

It’s the second last day of the month, which is the start of the four day SRP monthly sale, where you can get 20% off absolutely anything in the SRP store.  That includes boxed sets, pre-orders, even books already on sale.   It also includes every author at SRP, not just me.  So if you like other genres beside mine, you can dip into a new-to-you author at a discount.

The sale started this morning, and ends at midnight MDT on August 2nd.  You can use the coupon as often as you want, give it to friends to use, and buy as much as you wish, until the deadline.

Use the coupon code:  R9AJUG3A.   Enter the code as you check out to have the 20% discounted from your whole shopping basket.

Start here to sort and filter the books you’re interested in.  And enjoy your browsing!


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