The Exoplanet Travel Bureau

In 2016, NASA released a collection of posters featuring exoplanets and other stellar destinations, as travel posters.

Extremely high resolution, large scale versions of them were available, and as I was pretty hooked by them, a family member who had access to a high resolution plotter and plastic printing sheets, downloaded the files (they’re free), and printed posters of every image available.

Those 4 foot high posters adorn my office walls still.

The other day I went to the NASA site to see if the posters were still there. Some of them are, and there are some new ones, too.

They’re very stylish. Check them out here. If you need some interesting artwork, these might fit the bill.

They make good screen savers, except their portrait aspect means you have to sacrifice parts of the image, or you can center them on the screen.

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