Only Book Readers Spotted It

The library at Trinity College, Dublin University
The library at Trinity College, Dublin University

A few weeks ago, I gave my very personal take (it wasn’t structured enough to be called a review) on Apple TV’s Foundation series versus the books by Isaac Asimov.

What I forgot to mention was that in the first few episodes of the TV series, when Harry Seldon was still on Trantor, the ecumenopolis seat of the galactic empire, there were scenes showing the university establishment where he worked.

My jaw dropped when I saw the scenes because that fabulous place is right here on Earth. The library at Trinity College, Dublin University, has long been one of my bucket list destinations.

Some libraries are workmanlike. Others, like the Trinity library, are inspiring. This long shot, above, makes you want to read every book in existence, right there among the awesome stacks.

Did you spot it in the show?

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