Good News, Great News, and a Bonus!

I have some good news and some great news, and an Easter Egg at the bottom. Although does it count as an Easter Egg if I warn you it’s there?

Although I feel I must warn you about this one–I had an Easter Egg in the footer of my website for two years, giving away a whole book (yes, a whole novel!) to anyone who contacted me and pointed out the giveaway. Guess how many people claimed a book?

One. In the entire two years.

And no, you shouldn’t rush off to find it. It’s no longer there. 🙂

So I’m wary about leaving Easter Eggs around that are kinda vital or timely. (Although I do love Easter Eggs!)

The good news: Star Forge is out! Finally!

Danny is trapped in a fragile relationship with the self-aware interstellar array which calls itself Noam.

The array provides transport and communications. Without its cooperation, the Carinad Empire would collapse, stranding billions of people and causing chaos and death.

Danny Andela, a former Ranger known as the Imperial Hammer, is the only human the array trusts. Danny’s work to keep the array happy and minimize its deadly temper tantrums is draining. Worse, other humans distrust her because of her association with the array, including the crew of her one-of-a-kind ship, the Lythion.

Broke and alone, Danny faces a new peril: The array may not trust her, afterall…

Star Forge is the second book in the Imperial Hammer space opera science fiction series by award-winning SF author Cameron Cooper.

Grab your copy of Star Forge from Amazon now!

The Imperial Hammer series:

1.0: Hammer and Crucible
2.0: Star Forge
Coming soon….

3.0: Long Live the Emperor
4.0: Severed
5.0: Destroyer of Worlds

Space Opera Science Fiction Novel

Praise for The Imperial Hammer series:

“Fun, fast paced, full of action and humor.”

“I greedily read in this in one day. You will want to as well.”

“Lots of action and a boatload of twists and turns that grab your attention and won’t let go. It has kept me up way past bedtime!”

“This is a read that really sucks you in!”

“Excellent characters, twists and turns throughout.”

“Written in such a natural hand that you can fully image the spectacular universe the author has created.”

I’ve already received some early reviews for Star Forge itself:

The story has plenty narrow escapes and battles as well as complex double, or maybe triple crosses.

Gotta love Varg!

Loads of new twists that grab you and pull you right along. I couldn’t stop reading!

Disaster after catastrophe is closely following Danny and her crew. Someone very powerful is trying to destroy her!


And the great news is that book 3, Long Live the Emperor, is already written and will be out next month!

I’ll have more news about book 3 once Star Forge is released. I thought I would mention, though, that I’ll be following a pretty intense release schedule for a while, so the end of the series is absolutely within sight.

That should be good news if you’re a reader who doesn’t like to wait too long for a story to wrap up.

Star Forge is on sale for only 99c!
Only until June 10th

“Didn’t you mention an Easter Egg?”

Great question! I certainly did!

And here it is: Book 1, Hammer and Crucible, is also only 99c!

This deal also only lasts for today! If you’re new to the series, then this is the perfect chance to get into it with minimal outlay.





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