Galactic Thunder has been discounted to FREE for a limited time!

If you’ve been holding off on trying my sequel-ish series to Imperial Hammer, Good News!

The first book in the Iron Hammer series, Galactic Thunder, is now FREE for a limited time!

Stellar Storm & Planetary Parley (Books 2 & 3) are on for $2.99!

Waxing War, Ruled Out, & Stranger Stars (Books 4, 5, & 6) are on for $3.99!

And finally Federal Force & Redline Rebels (Books 7 & 8) are on for $4.99!

If you were to buy them all, you’d save almost 60% compared to buying them full price.

I really hope you all enjoy the series, I really enjoyed writing it and I’m deep into plotting and planning the next series… no spoilers here.



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