Cheap Reads for the Great Pause

A recent statistic I heard was a USA one–14 million people had filed for unemployment benefits in the last 30 days.

That’s 15% of the USA workforce!

I’m quite sure that unemployment figures for the rest of the world will be in proportion to that.  The latest statistic I can find for Canada is that 6 million people applied for emergency benefits in April.

That’s a lot of people stuck at home with nothing to do and no spare money to blow on distractions.


While I can’t afford to give away my books for free, except in tiny spurts here and there, I have dropped the prices across the board on The Indigo Reports series.  The first three titles are 99c and the last two are $2.99.

Also, if you’re in Kindle Unlimited (and it’s a worthwhile option for readaholics on EI), then the books are free for you.

I’ll see how this goes–if you like the pricing, I may consider extending it for all titles.

Let your SF-loving, unemployed friend know about the discounts, too.