As promised, new dystopian SF

This is the post I promised you a few weeks ago, announcing the release of And We Danced All Night, the short dystopian SF story.

I’ve had some interesting feedback from street team members, who get to read the story in advance of release date.

I hope you like it, too.

On a future Earth, what is left of humanity lives life to the hilt while denying a harsh truth…

One man, Kaloyan, has lived through that truth and knows what his friends are about to face, including one friend in particular….

And We Danced All Night is a science fiction short story by award-winning SF author Cameron Cooper.

Dystopian Science Fiction Short Story

Praise for Cameron Cooper’s SF:

Epic science fiction at its finest. Realistic far future worlds. Incredible characters and scenarios.

The concepts are staggering and intensely interesting.

This story is terrific! It’s intriguing and futuristic and human in its telling.

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