Isaac Asimov

Spock Reads Asimov

Short and quick, today. One of Isaac Asimov’s classic and most well-known short stories is “The Last Question,” which can be found in multiple anthologies, including Robot Dreams and Nine Tomorrows, two collections of Asimov’s. If you like listening to audio, you can hear this story read by Leonard Nimoy. 🙂 I found a recording […]

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The Foundation Dilemma

The TV series, Foundation, has just finished its second season on Apple TV. I thought everyone who cares about good science fiction would know about the series, but a reader I was conversing with the other day was not aware of it. Because of that conversation, I thought I’d mention the show here. Perhaps Apple

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Add a Bit of Crime & Mystery to Your Science Fiction

K-Lytics, a service that researches trends and rankings of all the categories on Amazon, put out their most recent Science Fiction & Fantasy report in July this year. I tend to take notice of K-lytic reports, even though they’re focused exclusively on Amazon, for the trends and comparisons tend to hold true across most of

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