More Hammer It Is.

A couple of weeks ago (in real time), I invited you to complete a two-question survey about a potential new Hammer series, to follow up on the Imperial Hammer and The Iron Hammer. There were 64 responses, thank you. And the results were absolutely conclusive. “Do you want to read another “Hammer” series?” Guess that […]

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TBR Con — I’ll be there. You?

This is very last minute, sorry, but I wasn’t invited until the last minute, either. The TBR Con 2024 started this morning. The conference has been described as “an all-virtual sci-fi/fantasy/horror convention,” by the organizers,, and as “A gaggle of nerds talking about Fantasy, Science Fiction, and everything in-between. They also occasionally write reviews

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Do You Want More Hammer?

I’ve chatted with a few of you lately, especially around Christmas, when everyone was selecting their Christmas gift, and more than one of you asked when I was going to write more “Hammer” books. I’ve got two complete series; The Imperial Hammer and The Iron Hammer, both featuring Danny Andela and her friends. I loved

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HAMMER AND CRUCIBLE Free for the next week only

I snagged a BookBub Feature Deal (they’re hard to get) this week.  So from today through to January 3rd, Hammer and Crucible is free everywhere.  The interstellar array which links worlds together wakes to find it has enemies… The Fourth Carinad Empire stretches across hundreds of settled worlds and stellar cities, and thousands of light

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The Exoplanet Travel Bureau

In 2016, NASA released a collection of posters featuring exoplanets and other stellar destinations, as travel posters. Extremely high resolution, large scale versions of them were available, and as I was pretty hooked by them, a family member who had access to a high resolution plotter and plastic printing sheets, downloaded the files (they’re free),

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The Foundation Dilemma

The TV series, Foundation, has just finished its second season on Apple TV. I thought everyone who cares about good science fiction would know about the series, but a reader I was conversing with the other day was not aware of it. Because of that conversation, I thought I’d mention the show here. Perhaps Apple

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