From the mailbag:

You’re really writing a book?  How come you don’t talk about it on the blog?  What’s it about?

I’ve had a few emails like this one (which is a paraphrase), so I thought I’d answer the email(s) publically, too.

I’m really writing a book, yes.

In fact, I’m writing three books in a series, to start with.  They are spy thrillers, one of my favourite genres.

The reasons I don’t talk about them very much here on the blog are:

I don’t want to bore or irritate you.

Writers waffling about their work-in-progress can be incredibly frustrating for me as a reader.  If the story they’re talking about sounds interesting, then I want to read the damn thing now.  I’ll even settle for a few weeks/months, if the book is on pre-order.

But dangling it now, when the writer hasn’t even finished the book yet, is just cruel and unusual.  What if the author doesn’t even finish the book?  Because that has never happened…

On the other hand, most authors are shitty at describing their own story in a way that intrigues readers–not off the cuff in a blog post.  They have to work their blurbs into an enticing description.  I include myself among those authors…and I don’t want to have you give up on the book before it’s even finished.

I’m still working on it.

Related to the first reason, but not exactly the same.

I’m still actually working on the concept and outlines for the series.  I have a name for my primary character, but the rest of the story is in flux and inclined to shift every time I work on it.

I don’t want to risk telling you about a story that you won’t recognize when you get to reading it.

I have limited time.

Like a huge number of other fiction authors, I have a day job.  I’m writing the thrillers in my spare time.  That means I can’t be certain how long it will take me to finish them, and therefore, what the release date will be.

Once I have the outline nailed down, I will be in a position to talk more about my stories as well as everyone else’s.

I’ll also be deep diving into the research by then, too, and reporting back on some of the cooler factoid I unearth.

Stay tuned.

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