Library of Books to Download

I haven’t participated in any BookFunnel promos for a while, but I may start again in a month or two—do you like the promos?  Let me know.  If there is enough interest there, I will start them up again.

It’s also very likely that you already are keeping up with BookFunnel promos via other authors, too.

So I thought I would let you know about a new(ish) service (it’s been out for a while) that BookFunnel has introduced:  My BookFunnel Library.

It’s a dashboard, unique to you, where you can see every book you’ve ever downloaded from BookFunnel.

The best bit is that you can re-download any of those books as and when you wish to.  This is super useful – if you miss the email with the download link or accidentally delete it, then you can go to the dashboard and get a copy for yourself, instead of waiting for the author to get back to you with a second link.

If you’ve ever downloaded a book from BookFunnel before, the dashboard is already there.  You can log into it by clicking through to:

BookFunnel says:

What is the BookFunnel Library?

It’s a library of the books you have received through BookFunnel. Use it to retrieve lost books or transfer books from your phone to your tablet or computer.

Short on storage space?

We’re keeping a copy of your books in the cloud, so you can free up your local storage without losing your books forever.

Read anywhere! No app required.

With BookFunnel’s new cloud reader you can read anywhere without installing anything on your device. The books come straight from your BookFunnel Library without needing to download, so storage isn’t a problem. Easily switch between reading on your phone, tablet, or computer, and we’ll keep your “last page read” synced between them all.

Most modern devices supported, including: Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and Amazon Kindle Fires.

If you’re like me, when you first access your library, you’ll be amazed at how many books are in there.