Have you read this one?

Fellow author Drew Avera has a high stakes, fast-paced military space opera book out that you might like; Traitor.

They’re on the run for their lives.

When Commander Kevin Hoyt returns from a scouting mission he finds that he is wanted for treason. Despite his innocence, Hoyt flees with his family and tries to escape the inevitable.

With the odds stacked against him, and the Consulate closing in, he is forced to seek refuge on an alien world.

Meanwhile, his pursuer and old friend Will Dickson, suspects that the reports of treason aren’t factual. When he breaks protocol to negotiate Hoyt’s surrender without waiting for backup, all hell breaks loose.

And it’s a decision that may prove deadly on both sides.

Traitor is the first book in an action-packed space opera series that is an intense blend of Star Trek and Farscape.

It’s available here and also on Kindle Unlimited.