The Perfect Place for A Spy Thriller

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned in any of my posts yet that I’m in the process of writing my first spy thriller series.

I would have mentioned it on the about page, and there’s already a yawningly empty book page for the said books to show up when they’re done.  I just don’t think I’ve actively talked about the series in posts, yet.

Mostly what I talk about in posts are items I come across through my research and reading.

But yes, I’m writing a spy thriller series.  To be exact, I’m still plotting it, although that’s an improvement on where I was when I started this blog.  I didn’t even have a concept worked out, then.

Now I’m actually plotting and the details are coming together very nicely.  The books and the characters are taking shape and starting to talk back, which is always a great place to reach when building a new story.

It’s taking more time than I’m used to because I’m writing it in my spare time.  That means there’s a lot of “think” time in between plotting sessions, which helps the boys in the basement offer up some peripheral and quite interesting lateral suggestions.

I’m not quite ready to share anything yet, except to say that the first book will open in Morocco, which is a slight and deliberate tip of the hat to Peter O’Donnell’s Modesty Blaise series of books, which are still among my favourites.

Morocoo is a fascinating country.   Here’s one of the odd contrasts that demonstrates the country’s bipolar character:  There are great surfing beaches up and down the coast, while people go snow skiing in the High Atlas Mountains just to the east.  At the foot of those mountains, the Sahara desert begins.

Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

That Morocco in a nutshell.


Only a Week Away

The holiday break and 2018 are swiftly approaching.  Normally, I like the fresh-slate feel of the new year, which reeks of hope and good intentions (which, sadly, grow stale for most people by mid-February).

If nothing else, the new year is a time for some wild speculation and what-if…? questions that stimulate the imagination of more people than just authors.

This year, though, the first day of the new year represents a different landmark for me.

I’ll be moving on to new territory.  This territory, in fact, as represented by the blog.  I will be building the concept and premise and structuring the stories for a three book spy thriller series.

I’ve been thinking about the concept a lot, and researching thrillers in general.  I’ve read ’em all my life and love them, but reading them and writing them takes different mind muscles.

I’m looking forward to the mental stretching.

What big goals are you going for in 2018?